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Nordic Street Food – the future of fast food

I am passionate about the Nordic food and produce. The traditional  and the new Nordic kitchen and during my ongoing food journey,  I realised I missed  well made food from scratch on Nordic ingredients out on the street …. so I started Nordic Street Food.

Nordic Street Food develops and sell Nordic street food, cooked from scratch using local ingredients in season and our vision is to sell our food in food trucks, snack carts,  and small snack kiosks.

We are the first in the market to create a Nordic street food cooked from scratch using local ingredients in season and our philosophy has an environmental and ecological mindset that does not exist in today’s street food.

Why Nordic street food?

Already today we see that consumers are demanding better food, both in the store and at the restaurant. The alarms are pouring on genetically modified foods and the customars want to know hat they´re eating.

But street food hasn´t developed in the same way . The street  mostly serves  manufactured products without contents, poorly produced and cooked and customers have no alternative if you want good, healthy,  food to grab and go.

The U.S. and England have already understood the meaning of healthy street food and the Food Truck movement, and we want to be part of that movement.

Nordic Street food …

… high quality food cooked in view of the environment.

… favouring local producers in the region.

.. creates work – we will franchise Nordic Street food and I´m looking for women in mid-life, with a passion for food, environment and ecology, to run and share my vision and to employ young people who care about food quality.

… is the first Nordic alternative in the street food section.

… is the future of street food.

Future possibilities is to spread Nordic Street Food  nationally and globally. To arouse interest in the Nordic food in the world and to provide today’s street food customers with a dignified, good alternative to what is available today.

if you want to know more about us and what´s happening, Follwow us on FaceBook  Twitter and Instagram